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Who Are the Silver Foxes?


The Silver Foxes spokespersons are men and women who are parents of some of the world's most recognizable celebrities: Christine Johnson (Magic), Sal Pacino (Al), Nikki Robbins (Tony), Patsy Swayze (Patrick), Jenny Crawford (Cindy), and Tony Tarantino (Quentin), among others.


Together, the Silver Foxes represent a broad cross-section of ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The Silver Foxes work to turn around some of the negative stereotypes about aging and the resulting self-perceptions that adversely affect health and well-being. The Silver Foxes are about recognizing the importance of movement and keeping active no matter what level of ability you have. The Silver Foxes Community is also a research team that takes a holistic view in bringing people aged 50 and above the tools to maximize their body, mind and spirit power.

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Since 1986 when David Krieff left his position as President of a Players, Inc. Miami/LA based public relations, marketing and production firm (with clients like NBC’s “Miami Vice”, The Bee Gees, Burger King and the City of Miami for tourism and entertainment events) and opening his own entertainment and marketing companies, David Krieff has been recognized for his successes in traditional and digital marketing and branding of unique individuals and products via Direct Response Radio, Direct Response TV and Tech Apps, as well as utilizing PR, Home Shopping Network, QVC and Retail, to create and publicize new brands.


Krieff has been praised for his ability to attract sponsorships, combine top personalities with a broad range of products and promotions, for developing block-buster music, fashion, fitness and sports-entertainment programming and for his cooperative ventures with media companies including; Fox, MTV, Showtime, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Disney, Guthy- Renker, Paramount, Rodale Media & Publishing, Universal and Warner Bros..


David Krieff's Los Angeles based entertainment companies have successfully marketed and produced all forms of branded media for top brands including Krieff's own brands: Malibu Pilates – the #1 selling product for weight loss via Direct Response TV/Guthy-Renker (starring Susan Lucci), and his immensely successful “Silver Foxes” brand, featuring the parents of entertainment and sports superstars.


Some of Krieff's other independent projects include television specials and TV series including 250 episodes of the reality show “Bait Car” in association with Warner Bros. and TRUTV, film, interactive media, home DVD, infomercials and live events, and heading the marketing program for PGX, the top selling weight loss product sweeping the globe.

The Silver Foxes Story

Our Founder



The Silver Foxes Community is...

...a way for everyone, regardless of age and ability, to have optimum health, to look and feel their best.


...a place to meet other people with similar interests and experiences and an ageless zest for life.


...a place that listens and responds to the diverse needs and aspirations of people fifty and above with authorative expertise, exciting activites and cutting-edge products.


...a source of the latest information from leading researchers about technologies that you can put to use in your life for immediate and profound personal growth.


...the living proof demonstrating how hope and motivations comes from seeing results.


...a community that will continue to find the most innovative ways to bring the highest benefit to its members.



Meditation is a simple yet powerful practice that science has shown to have profound positive impact on our health and well-being. Now, thanks to Silver Foxes and the Synchronicity Foundation, it is also as easy to do as listening to music!


Meditation gives our mind, body and spirit a chance to slow down and move into a more relaxed, peaceful, yet focused and alert state. As we move into a deeper meditative state, we begin to experience an increased feeling of creativity and euphoria. As our experience continues to deepen, we are able to access states of awareness that bring fuller balance and dimension to our everyday life, as well as improvements in specific health problems.


For example, meditation has been shown in published studies to be as effective as conventional medicines in reducing blood pressure (but without the side effects) The American Medical Association Journal Hypertension (Nov. 95 and Aug. 96). Hundreds of studies published by universities and leading medical journals have pointed out a broad range of health benefits. On the social scale, meditation has shown measured impact on reducing crime and violence. There are even judges who order sentenced criminals to learn meditation!


Silver Foxes is proud to present Sounds of Source musical meditation soundtracks which have been scientifically designed to deliver the meditation experience with the ease of just listening to music with a set of headphones.


These CD's use relaxing music with an overlay of precision sound patterning technology. Based on research on the brain wave patterns of long-term Buddhist meditators, this technology enhances the balancing of brain-wave frequencies, delivering deep, equilibrating meditation with far less time and effort than traditional techniques.





Robert Kowalski provides tips and information on how to live a healthier heart!


Heart Health Introduction

Article: Risk Factors for Heart Disease



Dr. Barry Sears, Author of the Zone provides an informative column to keep you in on!


Dietary Control Introduction

Article: Age Reversal Made Easy



Kathy Corey, fitness expert, teaches Pilates excercises below to read more.


Pilates Method Introduction

Article: All About the Pilates Method



Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott


New York Times #1 Best-Selling author Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott has been coaching change successfully for over 25 years. Dr. Carter-Scott is an international author, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, teacher/trainer, relationship expert & seminar leader.


Older doesn't always mean wiser. There are always lessons to be learned in the game of life. Regardless of your age, success level, or station in life, you will never be exempt from the lessons you need to learn in order to continue growing as a human being. Your journey on Earth is constantly unfolding, and while your wisdom grows and your capacity to deal with challenges expands, new lessons will present themselves. Life is a year-round school from which you never actually graduate, so it is the learning process itself that brings true value to existence. From learning to accept the changes with your body, to truly understanding what it means to live in the present, let these 10 rules act as your road map as you travel on the path of spiritual growth.



If Life is a Game, These are the Rules:

The Ten Rules for Being Human


RULE #1:


You may love it or hate it, but it will be yours for the duration of your life on Earth.


RULE #2:


You are enrolled in a full-time school called "life". Each day you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or hate them, but you have designed them as part of your curriculum.


RULE #3:


Growth is a process of experimentation, a series of trials, errors and occasional victories. The failed experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that work.


RULE #4:


Lessons will be repeated to you in various forms until you have learned them. When you have learned a particular lesson, you can then go on to the next one.


RULE #5:


There is no part of life that does not contain lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.


RULE #6:


"there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will look better to you than your present "here".


  • Power Pilates 1 & 2

    Unlock the ageless balance and graceful strength of your body with the Silver Foxes Power Pilates Workout! On Video or DVD!   View video clip

    Beginner/Intermediate Level

    Toning & Stretch Exercise


    Instructor: Stephanie Powers

    Workout Length: 41 minutes

    The workout combines movement, stretching and breathing to gently bolster your body's vital structure and is specifically designed for those over 50. It makes every task easier, from walking up the stairs, playing golf or tennis, to playing with a pet on the floor.


    The Power Pilates system works from head-to-toe to realign and strengthen your body. Best of all, you need only a floor mat, a chair and a towel to get started. Join with the Silver Foxes and experience for yourself why Pilates is the hottest fitness system today.


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    Pilates 1



    Pilates 2



    Power Pilates

    1 and 2


    Power Pilates

    1 and 2

    on DVD


























  • California Dried Plums

    Good things come in small packages…especially dried plums! Get the latest information on the fruit goodness of dried plums and how they fit into a healthy lifestyle at the California Dried Plums Website.


    Silver Foxes and Dried Plum Board's similar mission is to provide older Americans with the ingredients to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life. In the process, Silver Foxes seeks to turn around some of the negative stereotypes about aging and the resulting self-perceptions that adversely affect health and well being.


    Here's what some of our Silver Foxes have to say about California Dried Plums:

    Sal Pacino: “Staying active and living life to its fullest are central to my well-being.  Walking everyday, playing golf, and eating healthy snacks like dried plums are just a few key ingredients that keep me smiling at 77.”

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